World Darts Championship



Good evening everyone and welcome to the start of the PDC World Darts Championship! @Ugster1 lucky enough to bring you the first session.


According to Sky announcer this is THE OFFICIAL START OF CHRISTMAS. Rats, had my tree up a week early.

Matt (@Ugster1)

I could play 'spot the cliche' with the Sky chaps, but we've only got three weeks...

Think this could be a very exciting tournament as there seem to be more potential winners than ever before. Odds:

So from now until 3rd January, join us on for all the action! Including a lot of me, but you can't have everything.

Before I forget, tonight's action - Andy Boulton v Per Laursen in a preliminary (best of three sets), Jamie Lewis v Daryl Gurney...

...Peter Wright v Keegan Brown (tie of the round?), champion Gary Anderson v the preliminary winner. All first round games best of 5 sets.

Sky chaps picking winners. Mardle goes for Wright, Bristow MVG/Wade, Part for MVG/Thornton.

Right the, action not too far away. Will endeavour to reply to comments/tweets via the site, and maybe throw in some pics if you're lucky.

Boulton and Laursen just warming up. LET's PLAY DARTS! (if you can't use cliches in the darts, when can you?).

Laursen holds first leg. Slow start from both players. Used to be first to four legs in prelims, so bit longer on stage now.

Better scoring from both players in second leg, Boulton first to finish and tidies up 16, eventually. All square.