Scotland's Game: Will New BBC Doc Be A Winner?



A Thursday night in August. PERFECT time to launch a four-part documentary about the "social history of Scottish football". Welcome friends to a wee live review of "Scotland's Game" on BBC One Scotland. Think of this as McGogglebox. CUE MUSIC!

In the first part (titled "I Play For Money) we're promised Graeme Souness (oh, joy!), Jim McLean, Hands Off Hibs (a phrase the Scottish Cup used relentlessly up until May of this year) and Fergus McCann + David Murray. Yer Da will be watching intently to see if it says anything aboot "Ra Gers"

Here we go then. I've no idea whether this will be an interview based documentary or talking heads. I hope it's a worthwhile watch. Lovely shot of weans kicking a ba' and some dodgy looking "cars" at the start. "The soul of Scottish football was up for grabs" - settle doon, eh. It's only a game...

Thatcher. GET AFF MA TELLY!!!!!!!!!

As a Newcastle fan (perhaps I should say that from the allegiances to any Scottish club side here!) I cannot stand Graeme Souness. Ruined the great work of Sir Bobby. So anything I say about him is PURELY based on his time at NUFC. Lovely tache in the Rangers kit mind.

£750,000 for Terry Butcher back in the late 80s. Big money. Big names. At least it all ended well for Rangers, eh...

That debut red card for Souness against Hibs was a sublime bit of shithousery.

Is that Rangers fans storming a pitch?? Surely not! They are the most law-abiding citizens I have ever clapped my eyes on. Not having that. BBC Scotland, this photo shopped footage is a disgrace.

Mark Keast

They were protecting their players.

Dundee United BEATING Barcelona over two legs. If you typed that in 2016 on Twitter, you'd get sectioned within the hour. But in 1987, it actually happened. Now Scottish teams can't even reach the Europa League group stages. *sighs*

The best thing about this so far has got to be the moustaches. You see kids, people didn't just have these things in November but right through the year. David Duff's one was spectacular.