X Factor: The Return of Dermot And Louis



IT'S TIME...TO FACE...the fact that summer is over. It's going to get colder. The night's are going to be longer. And Christmas will be here before we know it. Yes. X Factor is back. Dermot O'Leary is back. Nicole Schwhatherchops is back. And Louis "He's Like A Little Kenny Baker" is back. I'm Roddy Graham. Let's get through this together.

I won't lie. I watched none of X Factor last year. I can barely name you 3 contestants that we on it. However, if they can get back to the heyday of the show, it can be one of the most fun shows on the telly. I highly doubt they will. It'll be full of the same ol' rubbish that's put the show on life support these past couple of years.

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1st big issue: those irritating TalkTalk adverts are back. 👎

Colin Mathie

Like u said, u know that xmas is near when this nonsense of a show starts back.

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So here goes nothing. Remember when they got Beyonce for the duets? Be lucky if they can persuade Rick Astley these days. And James Arthur? Is he still a massive bigot??

"Every girls dreams of being in a girl band and being a popstar" Really??! I'm almost CERTAIN that isn't the case dear. Some will have dreams of changing the world. Or having a wonderful career. Like being a doctor. Or a lawyer. Or serving oily food in Greggs. Mainly northern girls there though.

I hope Santa brings you cholera.

Seems the 6 chair challenge is back. *yawn* I've even heard there may be some form of scoring in the live shows this year too. The British version of Eurovision. Which would be ironic.

Manchester is the first stop off on the Great British Sing Off. A real bunch of nutters in the crowd. None more so that some older woman who's pinched Verne Troyer's top hat.

Yes Lad. I repeat, Yes Lad. That's the band's name. Yes. Lad. I bet all of these guys think they have so much "BANTA". I hope they are the main cause of the Lad Bible going into liquidation.

I wish they had "Never Actually Seen A Pair Of Real Boobs Lad"...