Are You Being Served?



HELLO AGAIN! I've just sat through X Factor (over here btw and am now going to watch a "new" episode of Are You Being Served. My hopes are NOT high.

The episode is titled "You Can't Teach A New Dog Old Tricks". If only the BBC had thought of that before commissioning this. You can't give a new audience an old reboot.

This "humour" is meant as a throwback to the 70s/80s. Sadly, most BBC sitcom's of that era aren't THAT funny anymore. This is being proved in the opening 3 minutes. In which I have laughed a maximum of no times.

"Who's Jimmy Connors" asks the blonde girls behind the counter. Something most viewers of this show are no doubt asking as well. WHY didn't BBC One just decide to show an old episode rather than making a "new" one? Baffles me.

I like Jason Watkins. He's a very underrated actor. He was outstanding in "The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries". He looks as though he's only doing this for the money. Just like Boycie for that matter.

Did you know that at it's peak, Are You Being Served was watched by 22 million people. Yes. 22 MILLION. If this gets over 7 I'd be stunned. Not million. Just total.

ARTHUR SMITH IS IN THIS? He must be desperate for some coinage. I'm disappointed in him for taking on this gig.

GENERIC PUSSY JOKE Keith Lemon is rolling on the floor laughing to that one.

This still has 18 minutes to go.

I'm convinced this would have been better by setting this in 2016. Are You Being Served as an online shop. Mrs Slocombe's granddaughter Snapchatting her pussy. That sort of thing. This is just truly dreadful. I can't imagine anyone is laughing. Even diehard fans of the show.

Chris Clark

Diehard fans of the original are dead.