Well, I've sat through X Factor and Are You Being Served on this website so far tonight. Now, I reach Porridge. Not a "remake" but a "reworking" of Porridge. Set in 2016. With Fletch's grandson. This is going to be awful.

The original writers are back for this episode. Kevin Bishop is playing new "Fletch". And he's one of the least funny men on TV. The male Katy Brand. 4 minutes in. Zero laughs.

I bet Ronnie Barker is turning in his grave. God rest his soul.

I said it on the Are You Being Served live blog I did (read it here if you want: http://www.bytheminute.co/events/3130) but WHY didn't BBC One just show the real Porridge? Not this God awful re-imagining which nobody asked for or wants to see. And Kevin Bishop?? He's never been funny. EVER.

Well, this little story about the real Fletch's life since prison is rather nice. Shame there's still not been a single laugh in this "comedy" though.

I feel like just going away and watching some of Ronnie Barker as Fletch. Would be a much better spend of my time. Like this for instance...

How do BBC get audiences to laugh at this? Do they get paid to do it? Or do they show them something else that is funny and just nick the audio?

I've only just realised that the BBC have spent our license fee money making this show. Yes. That's right. You, me and everyone else that pays our money to Auntie have paid for this show. This makes me sad.

Ronnie Barker - comic genius. People laughed with him. Kevin Bishop - comic actor, of sorts. People don't even laugh at him.

I genuinely think I could write a funnier sitcom episode than this. That's not even meant for comic effect. That's a true statement.