All Aboard: The Country Bus



Good evening friends! I know exactly what you're thinking. This is going to be the greatest live blog in ByTheMinute's history. Sure. I'm with you. We're a few minutes away from joining BBC Four for a two hour bus journey. On the telly. Round the Yorkshire countryside. And you're going to stay in your seat right here with us. It's what bank holidays were made for.


This is going to be the best two hours of tv in 2016. I can feel it already. Take your X Factor and Strictly, shove your Bake Off and Victoria. Tonight is all about a bus journey with no music. No voiceovers. GET IN!!!

TOOT TOOT!! Here we go folks. The bus is moving. We have a "live" shot of the driver. Will he speak?? YES HE WILL! He looks *very* jolly. All his passengers are a) over the age of 65 and b) Conservative party members.

The camera strapped to the front of the bus makes the road look like an animation. It's very weird watching a bus ride on the telly. Would I want to be watching anything else at this moment in time? NOPE!!

There's hardly a seat left on the bus now. I hope Jeremy Corbyn gets a seat when he gets on at the next stop though.

We're starting our journey in Richmond and are making the (fairly long) journey to Ribblehead Station. A place which sounds like a Kinks song from 1965.

BBC Four's Twitter is setting the place on fire tonight. Look at this beauty they've just sent.

In 8 minutes this is already infinitely better than Are You Being Served on BBC One last night. Infinitely.

There's a wee shot of the driver. He looks a right cheery wee soul. Why wouldn't he be? This view he has is outstanding.