Never Have I Ever Seen: Raiders of the Lost Ark



Hello. Im Nathan Waywell. I am a school student. And Never Have I Ever Seen Raiders of the Lost Ark.

What do you mean you've never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? I am 13. This film was released long before I was around. I just have never got round to watching any Indiana Jones films.

So what films have you actually seen? Tell us about your favourites. I have seen all of the Star Wars films. That was my favourite film series. I also have watched a few Marvel and DC films here and there. So basically I am into action films. I should like this film then...

Before you start the film, what do you know about it already? Not much, apart from Indiana Jones is a good guy, and he will probably come up against a bad guy.

Ok. You may begin. *presses play*

11:57am - We open with a mountain and people walking towards it, whilst speaking a language I don't understand. This group of people are now trekking through a forest. This reminds me of my walks with the Scouts.

11:59 - One of these men finds a cave and screams and runs away from it. Overreaction. Everyone else is looking at the cave. The men think they are being followed.

12:01pm - Someone is looking at a map. They have now got a rope and hit someone with it. Hang on its Han Solo! Sorry, Indiana Jones...

12:03 - Jones and this other person are now in what looks like a worn out cave. Jones has now got spiders all over him. So has the other guy. They are both very calm though. I would be bricking it...

12:05 - Jones and his mate have discovered a golden object in a middle of a room. They are still unsure of whats happening.