Never Have I Ever Seen: Raiders of the Lost Ark



12:07 - Jones goes up to the golden thing. Tense music playing! He replaces it with a bag of something. And rocks start coming from everywhere! His mate has just ditched him. Jones gave him the golden object which looks like an Oscar, but he didn't give Jones the whip. Jones is now in trouble... And he finds his mate with a spear where his forehead used to be. He grabs the golden thing and runs.

12:09 - Jones is now running away from a large boulder as round as a Premier League football. He has made it out the cave though!

12:10 - Jones has now been stopped by these men. He is forced to hand over the golden object. He is now running from the men towards a plane piloted by what looks like a mechanic. The men fire at least 200 arrows towards him, but they all miss. Jones is now in the plane and they are flying into the sunset. Is that the end?

12:12 - Jones is now a teacher! He is teaching a class who all seem fascinated...

12:15 - Jones is now being told that the Nazis after the Lost Ark. Jones is now explaining why they are after it...

12:18 - Jones still explaining. He confused me at hello.

12:20- This guy called Marcus says how the Lost Ark is nothing like Jones has ever gone after before. Jones is now boarding a plane. This guy sat opposite him lowers his magazine and looks suspiciously at Jones. The plane lands in Nepal after about 16 fuel stops..Wonder what the catering was like?

12:24 - A load of people are now sat at a bar. And everyone has gotten excited when this guy chugs a tiny glass of something. Jones now says hello to this girl called Marion.

12:25 - They are now having an argument about their past. Jones is now asking for a piece of bronze from this guy. Marion says they are dead... He is still given this thing though and he is delighted about that.

12:28- These group of people now go to Marion. They are interested in what Jones wanted. She says she doesn't have it anymore but she knows where it is. Marion is about to be set on fire. Indiana Jones has saved the day though! A lot of gun shots are being fired!