Never Have I Ever Seen: Raiders of the Lost Ark



12:31 - Jones has been pinned to the ground. Most of the place is on fire! And one of the bad guys has just been burned. LOL. Jones is about to be shot, but Marion returns the favour from earlier and shoots the man who was about to ruin the Indiana Jones series forever.

12:33 - Jones and Marion are now on a plane again. They have landed in Cairo this time. This film may as well be called Tour The World with Harrison Ford...

Alan Wilson

Music nerd alert - note how the musical score underpins the change of location.

12:37 - Jones and Marion are walking through Cairo, and suddenly it all kicks off! Marion runs, and Jones knocks down at least 10 people. He has now got his whip out...

12:38- Marion now getting involved with the fighting. Marions monkey is leading the bad guys towards her. Marion has now been taken!

12:40- This truck has now blown up, which Marion was in. Bye Bye Marion.

12:42- Bellack, who is a bad guy I think, has now met up with Jones. Jones cannot kill him though, as there are so many people near them.

12:45- Jones is about to blow his head off, but a load of kids come and lead him away. I think he is their only friend...

12:47- Jones is now being warned by this guy who looks crazy that the small object he has says the Ark must not be disturbed. I have a funny feeling he is going to ignore that...

12:52- Jones is now reading something I cannot understand. He is now shining light into certain parts of the building. The light suddenly burns on this object, which looks like a scaled down building.

12:54- Jones has found Marion!! They are now kissing each other. This is pulling on the heart strings, not. Jones tells Marion he knows where the Ark is. Jones now leaves Marion for some reason, saying she cant come with him.