Never Have I Ever Seen: Raiders of the Lost Ark



13:26- Jones throws him off the truck though and he is still hot on the heals of the truck carrying the Lost Ark.

13:30- In the process Jones destroyed the vehicle which was meant to take the Ark to Berlin! The Nazis panic and remove the Ark and set off for Cairo.

13:32- Jones is now taking the Ark to London via a boat.

13:34- Jones and Marion are now kissing on the boat. Jones then falls to sleep. All is well.

13:35- The next morning the Germans are in town! A U-Boat suddenly appears and they have invaded the ship and are looking for the Ark....and Jones

13:37- They have taken the ark and Marion. Jones reaches their ship though and is on a one man mission.

13:41- Jones finds a German uniform and puts it on. No one recognises him and he is allowed to walk with them as they go to open the Ark. Jones is at the back of the line. He then stops and grabs a rocket launcher and says all he wants is the girl.

13:43- He lowers his bazooka as he doesn't want to blow the Ark up. He is then captured. The film moves on to that evening, when the Germans are about to open the Ark in front of Jones and Marion.

13:46- Loads of dust comes out of it, and Jones tells Marion to shut her eyes and not look at it.

13:47- The Ark then incinerates everyone who looks at it! So Jones and Marion are the only people left alive in the room!