Never Have I Ever Seen: Raiders of the Lost Ark



13:48- They are now released and they hug. They have done it! What a shock.

13:49- They cut to Washington, where Jones is being told the Ark is being researched. Jones is not happy.

And the film ends with the Ark being locked up in a room full of boxes!

So, what did you make of Raiders of the Lost Ark? I enjoyed it! The action never stopped, and I struggled to keep up!

IMDB has a rating of 8.5 for this, agree? 100% agree! I would maybe even bump it up to 8.8 or 8.9. Not quite a 9 though, as the film didn't end with a big fight. Jones just stood there and triumphed.

So wrap this up by giving Raiders of the Lost Ark a 5 word review. Action packed, fast paced, exciting!

So, I have been Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711) and I have now seen Raiders of the Lost Ark.