New Zealand



Another maiden from Lakmal. 2/0 (3).

Another dull maiden from Mathews is enlivened by a slightly artificial appeal for a nick last ball. Nothing doing. 2/0 (4)

Guptill breaks the tedium (harsh) with a back-foot force square on the off side for 4. Shot.

Five off the over. 7/0 (5). Guptill to face Mathews for the first time.

Mathews really testing Guptill here, to be fair. Getting a lot of swing, both directions.

Guptill hoiks the last ball of the over to cow corner for 4. 11/0 (6).

And Latham straight-drives Lakmal's first for 4. Shot.

Half appeal off the last ball, going down. Four off, 15/0 (7).


How's the track looking for batting in this second innings?

Maiden from Mathews. 15/0 (8)

Track has dried out a bit, compared to yesterday's Ireland shirt, but still looks green-tinged, and is doing a bit every now and again.


So New Zealand should post a first innings lead then?