New Zealand



Guptill has a heave at one over wide mid-on. One-day shot. Played. Sri Lanka want the ball changed, Reiffel not having it.

Five off the over, 40 without after 15. Sorry, I said Lakmal last over from this end, it was Pradeep. And still is.

Just a single from Pradeep's fourth. 41/0 (16)

Well timed straight drive from Guptill gets him four more and into the 30s.

SIX! Repeat of the four over Mathews' head, only a bit straighter and 40 metres further. Shot, Marty.

50 up for NZ, 52/0, to be precise, after an 11-run over that puts a dent in Mathews' figures. 10 minutes to lunch.

First ball a preposterous reach and swipe from Latham. Don't do that again, lad. Second ball Pradeep oversteps: called, unlike last summer.

Just the Nobo off the over, 53/0 (18)

Lunch minus ten minutes, so unsurprisingly we're getting some spin. Herath replacing Mathews.

SIX! Latham hoys Herath over long-on.