Rugby U


Another knock on from Saracens, the champions very rusty, 3-3.

Here come Saracens again, Jackson Wray very close to the line although Worcester holding for now, 3-3

And now we head to the TMO, Kruis may well have just sneaked over the line and scored, 3-3

So looks like no try here as Kruis is short, now checking for a possible late tackle by Van Velze on Lozowski, 3-3

Blatant late tackle from Van Velze goes unpunished, no try awarded, Worcester scrum after all of that, 3-3

Error-strewn and hardly any attacking rugby to speak of, this is dire, 3-3

WE HAVE A CLOCK! 5 minutes to half time, 3-3

37- Cannot remember the last time Saracens played this badly, so many handling errors, 3-3

38- Another chance for points for Lozoswki and again he has hooked it wide, 1/3 for him. 3-3

40- Into the red then, such a poor first half, glad it's ending, 3-3