Paolo Lorenzi
6 7 2 3

Andy Murray
7 5 6 6



GOOD EVENING! Get Strictly turned off. Do not go anywhere near X Factor. THIS is the only talent show you need in your life this Saturday night. Welcome to I'm Andy Murray...Get Me Out Of Week One At The US Open And Into Week Two. OK, so it's a working title. We can improve it I'm sure. I'm Roddy Graham. You are eternally grateful. Or should be.

The match should be underway in around 15 minutes since Serena Williams has breezed past Johanna Larsson in 12 minutes (roughly) Something I do need to get off my chest before we begin. I know NOTHING about Paolo Lorenzi. Literally nothing. I can spell his name. Just. Apart from that? Not a scooby. Don't hate me for it.

I've literally just done some research on this Lorenzi chap. He's 34!!! THIRTY FOUR!!! Andy Murray is going to have him on toast. Or Bruschetta maybe. He's Italian after all. This is going to be a right skelping. Konta won in 52 minutes. I'm aying Andy wins in 3 sets in 47.

I'll tell you know that the Queen of Mindset (I have the copyright on that name btw so don't even think of pinching it), Sue Revell will be here from set 3 onwards. You might think it's because I'm a lazy git and don't want to do the whole match. You're partly right. I'll go with the more diplomatic - I'm sharing the Murray love around.

I thoroughly enjoyed Eurosport during the Aussie Open. I thoroughly enjoyed Eurosport during the French Open. Guess what? I've not watched much of the US Open so far. I'll judge them after tonight. Promising start though.

Players are out on court now and warming up. Lorenzi has a tartan pattern on his shoulder. I'm not saying he's going to throw this match and let Andy get through. But I'd advice you put your house on a straight sets Murray win. Ring up Paddy Power now and do just that.

Ready? Steady? Here we go. Murray to serve first. If you're looking for a balanced, impartial commentary - you need to find somewhere else to go. I tend to go a bit laldy when Murray is playing well. All FREEDOM and that.

Lorenzi is a 34-year-old man. Who wears a baseball cap backwards when he plays tennis. He is LITERALLY Yer Da of the tennis world. He's also a bit like Yer Da in that first game. Run ragged and hardly given a sniff. Game Murray. 1-0.

Murray has hit a couple of shots which would be excellent on the cricket field in a T20 in that game. In tennis, they are not so good. Lorenzi levels the match at 1-1. He still has the baseball cap on back to front. I hate him. 1-1, first set.

PS...the Eurosport commentators are treating Lorenzi like he is someone that has only picked up a tennis racquet this week. Super patronising. If I was to be that harsh on him, I'd get letters through my door.

Graham Terris

That chat about County Week was terrible!

Roddy Graham

Dreadful. I thought Eurosport were better than that. Expect it from Castle. Not from Cash.