Cold Feet: It's Back, But Will It Be Any Good?



Good evening friends. It may well be 2016 but we are taking a trip back down memory lane tonight on ITV. Yes. COLD FEET IS BACK! EEK!!! Please be good. Please.

I'm Roddy Graham and I'm here throughout this first episode to tell you all whether it is good, bad or indifferent in my (not-so) esteemed opinion. I really want it to be good. Honest. I fear a damp squib though. But we will soon find out if six...sorry...five best friends from the 90s can still be as awesome in 2016.

First impressions, the production budget looks to have increased 100x since the final series. Cold Feet in HD? Who'da'thunkit.

Adam is getting married again?? DOES HE NOT KNOW THAT HIS WIFE DIED? Oh wait. It's been 14 years. I'm sure that's fine. At least it shows that the story will move on considerably. Just wonder who is playing the future wife? And whether the end scene of the series is the wedding?

I've had a couple of small giggles already. That's a success.

PS...James Nesbitt is a bit of a man crush for me. Not in a sexual way. In a "I'd love to have a pint or two with you big fella". He would drink me under the table. For sure.

John Thompson should be on tv more often too. He's great. Really great. There seems to be a LOT of mentions of Rachel in this. I'm pleased they are not bringing her back in ghost form. It was discussed by the way. That'd have been an awful move.

It's great to see that the main 5 are clearly enjoying themselves in this too. It *almost* appears as if this was something they wanted to do, rather than just for the money. Although I'm sure the dough helped.

"Oh, didn't I tell you. I'm the wanker from Singapore" I think Adam may just have the hots for this lass. Just a smidge. First part over with. It's a winner so far from me. Let me know what you think by dropping a comment over. Hit "reply" on mobile. Or that "be first" message on desktop.

Sometimes when you bring back these types of shows, it just feels a little flat. I think this works because a) you want to know how the characters are doing in the modern world and b) they've left enough time between the last series and this one. Ricky Gervais with David Brent. Take note.


They have naturally become the old characters again and its like they never went away. I'd forgotten just how much I loved this.

Roddy Graham

It's tremendous so far. So much better than I thought it would be.