Never Have I Ever Seen: City of God



Hello, I’m Graham Terris and I left Scotland about 30 years ago. One day I will go back. And never have I ever seen City of God.

What do you mean you’ve never seen City of God? Never seen City of God means Never seen City of God! You want details? That’s not a thing these days is it?

Ok, details: City of God came out in 2002, and we live in a town whose cinema just doesn’t do films that are not sequential blockbusters. If it were a zoo it would be a Shih Tzu. Which means we have to drive up to Cambridge to see anything out of the mainstream, and that wasn’t really practical around the turn of the century. Kids.

So what films have you actually seen, tell us about your favourites? Difficult question, I’m not very good at these favourite questions. Especially the arts. Favourite car, headphones, tunnel, desktop fan? They’re easy. Album, book, film, gig, painting? The answer depends on the day you ask, it’s based on emotion not logic. My poor memory also plays a part in the answer.

Get on with it!! Ok, The 1st 2 Godfather films, always. Unforgiven for the setting I saw it in; a decrepit Warsaw flea-pit. Local Hero for its twee Scottishness. L.A. Confidential for story, acting & style. Finally, Blade Runner which I’d really like to understand. That’s today’s list.

Before you start the film, what do you know about it? Quite a lot actually; it often appears in best ever film conversations, the director, Fernando Meirelles, created the Rio Olympics opening ceremony, so he’s the Brazilian Danny Boyle, it was nominated for 4 Oscars & it’s the highest ranked IMDb film that I’ve not seen, at #21.

You may begin. Thanks *presses play*

Silence - I worry about films with the opening credits accompanied by silence. It’s ominous. Ah, a noise; a knife being sharpened, sets the tone I suppose.

An interesting opening sequence, Brazilian music (obvs), a meal is being prepared in the street, vegetables & chickens mainly and there’s one particular chicken, still alive, that’s not too happy with this.

Chase scene - chicken, armed gang, police and a photographer in the middle.... … and we rewind to the sixties and kids playing football, in Brazil. They were good then.