Never Have I Ever Seen: City of God



I've been @grahamterris and now I've seen City of God. And I'm going to watch it again soon, without having to do a running commentary.

So wrap this up by giving City of God a 5 word review… Sad tale, incredibly well told.

IMDB has a rating of 8.7 for this, agree? I don't know how to rate films, but I would struggle to do anything other than rate this as high as possible - so, em... yes. Seems about right to me.

So, what did you make of City of God then? It's a pretty mesmerising watch, but every scene is a kind of "hide behind the sofa" moment. Nothing good happens. It's also a true story, and if it's typical of life in the favelas then what a shit life. It's also an utterly brilliant film, if you haven't seen it make sure you do. It moved me.

Still, one bloke got a job eh? Let's end on a high note.

As the film ends, Rocket's pics are a goldmine for the newspaper, Rocket gets a job there and the Runts run loose openly armed and discuss their revenge kill list. They are just kids!! The circle of fear, death and despair.

Ze's left by the police... ...but here come the Runts. They don't half put some holes in Ze! More pics for Rocket.

The police turn up & Ze, Carrot and others are picked up. Rocket follows the police van. Ze is removed from the van and the police take him to his place and grab all his money & trinkets. Rocket is snapping away.

It turns out the kid that shot Ned, Otto, was the son of a guard shot in a raid by Ned and he'd joined the gang to get close to and then kill his father's killer. Jeez this is grim stuff.

A kid in Carrot/Ned's gang is wounded, Ned comforts him and say's he'll return to look after him as he has to go after Ze. The kid shoots him in the back. Ned's dead. There goes another tolerable character - there's no happy endings here.