Never Have I Ever Seen: City of God



Fast forward a few years… The Seventies. Rocket’s got a camera and ambitions to be a photographer. He also has ambitions with a girl, and his quest to find her some coke leads us to the story of the ghetto’s drugs supplies. Ultimately it all seems to be controlled by a guy called Carrot. Oh, and Li’l Dice!

Except he’s call Li’l Ze now. And flashback time. The Motel massacre? Yep him. Killed Goose too, and many others - a total evil bastard. Benny’s his sidekick, but he seems a bit more… ...considered.

Now some weird quasi-religious naming ceremony and Li’l Dice becomes Li’l Ze. Li’l Bastard more like. And he’s off on a killing spree, his gang wiping out all the other dealers and taking charge. He now has an operation reminiscent of that in American Gangster (another favourite of mine), except there doesn’t seem to be big rewards. Just power & trinkets.

Benny, who seems like a decent bloke, has had a makeover. Blonde hair, fancy togs, new friends. And a girlfriend, the love of Rocket’s life. “I’ve become a playboy” Me too Benny. Benny is pretty cool to be honest.

The drugs supply is pretty much carved up between Carrot and Li'l Shit, but it's an uneasy situation. There's a gang of kids, The Runts, that are causing trouble for Carrot and he's blaming Li'l Git for this. Cue Benny the peacemaker.

The Runts are bad boys, really bad boys and Li'l Ze needs to sort them out. Yikes that's not good - a few of them are cornered, Ze asks two, maybe aged 6 & 8, if they want a bullet in their hand or foot. Answer hand, result foot. Then a third is asked to choose one to shoot dead. Jeez, that's a tough watch.

Rocket tries to earn decent money and gets a job at a supermarket, but that fails. Tries crime, but that fails too - he’s a good kid at heart. We are introduced to Knockout Ned at this point. Great name, and right now he’s an honest bus conductor.

Throughout the story so far, Rocket generally has a mate with him but I don't know his name. Maybe I should, maybe it's deliberate. I also need to mention that I've got my headphones on and the sound is fantastic, the constant noise drags you in to their gutter.

Benny's Farewell - oh no! Benny and his girl decide to get out, buy a farm. Benny has a farewell party, a real happy occasion, dancing, music, everybody smiling. Except Li'l Psycho. He doesn't do happy, can't get a girl and takes his frustration out on one poor soul with an actual girlfriend. Humiliates him.

Benny is given a pretty decent camera in return for some drugs, he passes it to Rocket. Told you he was decent. Ze grabs the camera and Benny & Ze struggle with each other, a kid appears (a Runt?) and aims his gun. Benny's dead!! Ah man! That could make you cry.