Never Have I Ever Seen: City of God



The killer turns up at Carrot's, tells the tale saying he meant to kill Ze. With Benny gone, it's all out war between Carrot & Ze.

But first Ze runs into Knockout Ned and his girlfriend. She's raped, he's badly beaten. Ze later turns up at Ned's house, mob handed, kills his brother and uncle. Ze has just found an enemy he's not going to enjoy, I reckon.

Ned's gone all vigilante, picking off Ze's gang members. Turned into a bit of a hero around the City of God. Ze sends a message to Carrot that if he kills Ned he'll leave Carrot alone. Carrot uses this to get Ned on his side and take on Ze.

Knockout Ned's story - he hooks up with Carrot, revenge on his mind. He slowly turns from a bloke with principles, no innocents to be shot etc. Eventually he ends up as badass as the rest of them and Ned & Carrot go on a robbery spree, using the gains to arm the gang to the hilt.

And it's war... The City of God became a bad place. No, it was a bad place - it became hell. Most of the gang recruits are just kids. Gun fodder.

Meanwhile Rocket gets a job in the big city, at a newspaper office with dreams of becoming a photographer.

Ned is shot, hospitalised, arrested and interviewed on tv, says the police leave Ze alone. Ze's not keen on the media exposure this gives Ned, he wants to be portrayed as the gangster boss. The camera (remember that?) is dug out and Rocket is called in to take pics of the gang.

Rocket takes the film to the newspaper office and the photographer gets it developed for him. A reporter, Marina, finds the pics & she writes a front page story with them. Rocket freaks, he reckons he's a dead man, but they convince him to go back to Ze and get more pics. He'd get a job as a photographer in return.

Rocket is kitted out with a camera and lenses, and spends the night with Marina. As well as losing his virginity (yay!) he experiences a hot shower for the first time in his life. Just think about that folks!

Back in the slums, Ze's delighted with the news story, Ned is sprung from the hospital and the arms dealer has everything taken form him with no payment by Ze. Bad move Ze, arms salesmen are not lone operators. Somebody's going to want their money, or their guns back.