Sony Annoucement



Watch the stream here:


The Twitch stream is standying-by, so are we. I'm Alex Buckmaster, and the future of Playstation will be live very soon.

We are live! But no one is on stage....

And here we go!

On stage it's Andre House! He's the Head of SIE, which runs Playstaion. It seems a rather small room even though they are at a theatre.

The PS4 has sold 40 Million Units Worldwide.... and the Slim has been announced, rather undramatic

This is now the standard PS4 model, and we will start at $299, like the Xbox One S. Out September 15th.... The rumours were right on reddit.

I think I've seen this a couple of weeks back, looks familiar...

Display technology? Andrew House, you are intriguing me... And he is now on about 4K and HDR....

See, in my eyes, this ain't a gaming event without a Snoop Dog doing a rap song while playing some CoD while all the lights go crazy. This is the opposite....