Paralympics: Day One



Hey there! Andrew Corcoran at your service. Delighted to welcome you to ByTheMinute's coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympics, Day One. Are you ready to do this all over again? We certainly are.

It was a very emotional Opening Ceremony, in many ways a step up from the Olympics offering, if that can be believed. From the acrobatic wheelchair opening, through the athletes parade, Marcia Malsar's persistence to carry the flame to that irresistible samba music. Relive the best moments here:

Channel 4 in the UK are just getting their coverage underway. We'll be shadowing their televisual offering as well as bringing you various results, news and gossip from elsewhere at the Games. If you are outside the UK, you will still be able to watch along live via the Paralympics YouTube Channel, website, or if you are a subscriber of the new Olympic Channel.

With around 60% of tickets now sold, we shouldn't need to worry much about lack of atmosphere in venues, although being 9:15am in Rio right now, things might feel a little sleepy over these next couple of hours as the Paralympics cranks into gear! We have GB involvement in the Table Tennis and Wheelchair Basketball over the next few minutes.

A quick chat about LEXI, which through an extremely roundabout way it was announced that Julie Walters would be our guide to the updated classifications, and now we look to have our first live sport of the day! We're heading to the Women's Wheelchair Basketball match between GBR & Canada.

The previous meeting between these two a couple of years ago saw Canada win it 59-52, so GB's women will be out for revenge. GAME ON.

First point on the board is for GB, 28 seconds in to the first period of 10 minutes.

Freeman hits a 3-pointer for GBR with 1 second of the shot clock left! 4-0, 8:20 left in this 1st period.

It takes Canada nearly 3 minutes to get on the board, but it's a great shot just inside the arc for 2 points. GBR 4-2 CAN 7:00 1ST

Canada level it up 4-4 with 6 minutes of the 1st period left.