World Darts Championship (Night 3)



Good Evening - this is @lockuptipster back for the #WHDarts. Any thoughts/Predictions for tonight? Let me know!

First up is - Keita Ono v Alex Tagarao with the winner set to play Philip Douglas Taylor later this evening!

Other games tonight include: Simon Whitlock v Ricky Evans Vincent van der Voort v Laurence Ryder Phil Taylor v Ono/Tagarao

Ono makes it a leg to nil up finishing 64 against the throw! Ono 1-0 in set one!

Ono looks good and should win the first set as he holds throw. Ono 2-0 in set one #whdarts

Ono leads 1-0 in sets as he takes out 57

Latest score Ono 0-1 in the second set Ono 1-0 lead in sets - first to two

Ono is closing in on a 2-0 win with a 3-1 set.

Next up - Whitlock Vs Evans #WHdarts

Our @willhillinplay call on Whitlock/Evans - Under 130 Checkout