Paralympics: Day Two



Zoe Newson has just won a BRONZE MEDAL in the women's 45kg Powerlifting with a 102kg lift. China's Hu Dandan broke the world record with a lift of 107kg. Hopefully we'll see the footage of that on Channel 4 a bit later.

GOLD FOR IRELAND as Jason Smyth gets a great start and leads all the way! The Irishman delivers again on the track, and that's the 1st gold at these Paralympic Games for Ireland. A time of 10.64 seconds!

We're back at the athletics just in time to see Stef Reid's final attempt in the T44 Long Jump Final. She can't improve on her first jump of 5.64m, which leaves Le Fur of France to take gold with a jump of 5.83m (a world record, by the way). That's another SILVER MEDAL for ParalympicsGB, then!

A very decent start for Libby Clegg. VERY decent. VERY DECENT INDEED. She leads the whole way and BREAKS THE WORLD RECORD in the T11 100m with a time of 11.91 seconds! WOW!! TAKE THAT, WORLD!

ParalympicsGB can tick off another BRONZE MEDAL. This one is for Gemma Prescott in the F32 Club Throw at the Athletics, with a distance of 19.77m. Tunisia's Maroua Brahmi broke the World Record with a distance of 26.93m.

BREAKING NEWS: Libby Clegg DISQUALIFIED from the T11 final due to her new guide Chris Clarke crossing the line first. Replays seem to contest this, so we imagine ParalympicsGB will launch an appeal, unless there's some other reason for the DQ, such as the guide pulling the runner along earlier in the race or stepping out of lane. This would also negate her new world record if it stands.