Paralympics: Day Two



I'm calling it a night here. We're back tomorrow for more action - see you then

The F42 high jump finished. USA's Grewe cleared 1.86. Thangavelu stayed with him, as did Varun Singh. Onto 1.89, Thangavelu cleares that comfortably and he wins India's first gold. Grewe got silver, Varun Singh bronze

That's all the medals done for Day 2. China have pushed ahead in the medal table. But GB are making second place their own (Gold/Total) 1 China 19/48 2 GB 12/ 27 3 Ukraine 7/25 4 USA 3/14 5 Brazil 3/10

GOLD FOR UKRAINE! Paralympic record too Slater gets silver!!! Long bronze

Jessica Long and Slater quick away. Slater leads early. They getbto the turn. Istomina of Ukraine now leads from Slater

To the pool - womens 100m butterfly S8 - Steph Slater goes in this

Thangavelli of India's 1.89 leading the F42 high jump at the moment. The crowd are loving that particular event

Peacock flash interview: He felt he was 'distracted' at 40m, he sorted his head and got going, at that point he pulled away

I blame the commentator for mentioning Wallace straight after Malone. At least I got Peacock right. That would have been a mess

Sorry, what was I on about - STRENG GETS BRONZE