Paralympics: Day Two



Fascinating LEXI guide on Channel 4 for Wheelchair Basketball ahead of GBR's men playing Iran. Each classification is given points depending on overall ability. The more points, the more able you are. Each 5-person team cannot exceed 14 points, ensuring as fair a match-up as possible.

Lots of ad breaks on Channel 4 this afternoon. I guess Stannah must have a lot of Stairlifts to shift this month.

Right, we've got some live basketball action on screen. GBR lead Iran 23-13 after the opening salvos of the 2nd quarter.

GB increase their lead to 31-18 over Iran with 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter as a time out is called. Dominant periods of possession for the Brits have really helped.

ParalympicsGB can tick off another BRONZE MEDAL. This one is for Gemma Prescott in the F32 Club Throw at the Athletics, with a distance of 19.77m. Tunisia's Maroua Brahmi broke the World Record with a distance of 26.93m.

Iran peg GB's lead back to single figures for a brief moment before the Brits rally back to make the score 41-27 with 90 seconds left in the 2nd period.

A couple of impressive three-pointers from players on both teams means GB lead 46-34 over Iran at half time.

Highlights of the Club Throw on Channel 4. Jeez, it looks dangerous as those women hurl a wooden club over their back! Great medal for Gemma Prescott, but that throw from Brahmi was unbelievable. Now a feature on housewife's favourite Jonnie Peacock.

BREAKING NEWS: Libby Clegg DISQUALIFIED from the T11 final due to her new guide Chris Clarke crossing the line first. Replays seem to contest this, so we imagine ParalympicsGB will launch an appeal, unless there's some other reason for the DQ, such as the guide pulling the runner along earlier in the race or stepping out of lane. This would also negate her new world record if it stands.

Earlier on in the velodrome, Louis Rolfe of Great Britain beat Ireland's Colin Lynch in the Men's C2 3,000m Individual Pursuit, clocking a time of 3:49.908 to qualify fourth-fastest for the final.