Paralympics: Day Two



That's your lot from me this afternoon! Anthony Hart will be with you a little later to update you on proceedings on Day Two. I've been Andrew Corcoran. Bye for now!

Hello. It's the aforementioned Anthony here to take you through the rest of Day 2 in Rio!

Firstly, the big news stories in the last few hours Ellie Robinson won the S6 50m butterfly. She's 15 Jody Cundy won gold in the men's C4 1km time trial Georgia Hermitage won the T37 100m, then Sophie Hahn likewise in the T38 100m moments later

Also, a silver for powerlifter Ali Jawad, plus bronzes for sprinter Cox & swimmer Rodgers Basically, GB have lots of medals. Again

A taste of what we could be covering tonight... 2240: Table Tennis - Paul Karabardak, David Wetherill (SM6 group games) 2254: Swimming - Harriet Lee, Alice Tai (S10 50m free) 2258: Athletics - Libby Clegg (T12 100m) 2317: Athletics - Mickey Bushell, Mo Jomni (T53 100m) 2320: Table Tennis - Aaron McKibbin, Ross Wilson (SM8 group games)

2348: Swimming - Jonathan Booth (S9 400m free) 2353: Athletics - Jonnie Peacock (T44 100m) 2359: Swimming - Amy Marren 0011: Athletics - Hannah Cockroft, Carly Tait, Kare Adenegan (T34 100m heats) 0032: Swimming - Steph Slater, Steph Millward (S8 100m fly)

Yep, in the gap in our live coverage Libby Clegg was readmitted into her final. I saw the replay and it was evident that she crossed first.

Two gaps In my earlier roundup, Thornhill and Scott got a gold in the cycling too, Kadeena Cox got a bronze in the race Sophie Hahn won Now Channel 4, show some live sport

Libby Clegg and her new guide Chris Clarke (not our own) are on the track. Teresa Guilerminha, Liu Ciuqing, and Zhou Guoha stand in Clegg's way

11.97 but who wins? IT IS CLEGG! GOLD FOR GB!