Paralympics: Day Two



Back to the track Men's 100 T53. Bushell is the British interest, but Brent Lakatos of Canada is the favourite. He's married to GB's Steff Reid

GOLD FOR CANADA Lakatos gets a good starts, BUT Lakatis dominates the field in the end and gets a time of 14.44

Bushell finished sixth, fading after a good start. Paeyo of Thailand got the silver, Li the bronze. They show the print of the photo finish, which is pointless when Lakatos was that clear

In the pool, two medals for Ukraine - Krypak getting gold , Rodrigues of Brazil silver, Dubrov bronze in the mens 50 free S10 earlier

A few WRs have gone tonight. I've lifted this off the BBC, so kudos to them Aurelie Rivard (Canada) Women's 50m free swimming - S10 - 27.37secs Omara Durand (Cuba) W 100m - T12 11.40secs Dmytro Zalevskyi (Ukraine) - Men's 100m backstroke - S11 - 1min 6.66secs Akeem Stewart (Trinidad & Tobago) Men's javelin throw - F43 - 57.32m Mary Fisher - Women's 100m back - S11 - 1min 17.96secs

Ellie Robinson has possession of her gold medal. The girl has confidence looking at that entrance. Would make a boxer proud

Jonnie Peacock time coming up in a few minutes. Or PeaClock. Can he add to the medal haul?

GB have bagged a bronze in the S9 Mens 400 freestyle swimming - well done Lewis White

Jarryd Wallace, Jerome Singleton, Liam Malone, Arnu Fourie, Felix Streng, Nick Rogers, David Behre . Peacock needs to finish ahead all of them. Here is the T44 Mens 100m...