Album Review: 'GLA' by Twin Atlantic



Afternoon folks. No album reviews on this website in ages, then four come along in one day. I'm Roddy Graham and am about to sit down to listen to Twin Atlantic's new album "GLA" for the very first time. Saw them in Selkirk a couple of months back. They nailed it. So looking forward to this one.

Here's your official tracklisting for this album. It's the band's fourth release since their UK debut in 2009. Their last release, "The Great Divide", reached no.6 in the charts. This might not do quite as well since there's so many other albums out today. But hey, who gives a toss about the charts these days?! Bar record producers. And Radio 1 "cool" kids.

TRACK 1: Gold Elephant: Cherry Aligator Heard this one before. At the gig mentioned. Plus the band released the studio version a few weeks ago. It's a riot of an opener. Hope it sets the tone for the whole album. A massive tune that feels like it wants to stick two fingers up to anyone who is willing to listen. Though it does cut out WAAAAAAY too quickly. "Go, go, go. Make me go insane."

TRACK 2: No Sleep Another LOUD one. First single from the album that's been getting plenty of radio play in the last few weeks. This sounds great live too by the way. One that'll be on the setlist for years to come. Production levels are really tight too. Like this one. A lot. "You're waterboarding me through seasons of breathing in that pollen and raw day dreaming"

TRACK 3: You Are The Devil First one I've never heard before. Catchy riff at the start. Chorus also has the feel of one which, after a couple of listens, you could find yourself singing along too (despite getting the lyrics wrong). Very Muse-esque sounds towards the end. More than acceptable album filler. "You are the devil. You'll never finish me."

TRACK 4: Overthinking Scotch-ness in the singers voice is ramped up to level 11 on this one. Can feel your foot tapping along to this one. Has it's roots in the early Atlantic type of music. This is a good thing. More of the rock side of the spectrum than the pop side they went for last time out. "Like an engine for drugs. The fuel is my words."

TRACK 5: Ex El Heard this one previously too. Starts off like a song The Killers would have made before Brandon Flowers became unlikeable (around the 2nd album). Chorus best part of this. But even that is instantly forgettable. Moving on... "People walk the same road every single day. People laugh, people scream until you listen"

TRACK 6: Valhalla Not sure whether Twin Atlantic have written this one about the 2008 Ryder Cup or not. Unlikely. A better sound than the previous song. The Muse vibe is strong here again. I think this is the niche they are aiming for with this album to be honest. "This isn't working for me. Turn off the legend machine."

TRACK 7: I Am Alive It's a bit more funky this one. Still including the Muse-y guitars though. Could see this one on some sort of disco-fuelled Sci-Fi film. Not that ANYONE would ever make that film. They should though. I'd see it. There's one ticket. "Time starts ticking down. Nothing in this world's gonna stop me now."

TRACK 8: Whispers Sean McTrusty (the lead singer) likes to stretch his vocal chords to the upper limits whenever he can. Does so in this chorus. It's good to see a Scot who's fairly radge at times going for the high notes. I'm a fan. Though the song is what I'd call an "aye, let's stick it halfway through the album" one. Meh. "This is all we've ever known. Everything we've ever owned."