Worcester Warriors


Rugby U


Incisive break by Arr off a dominant scrum, then a lovely pass back inside from a Warriors man whose number I didn't catch to send Te'o crashing over for his first Worcester try. Tremendous stuff. Time off while Lamb gets coconut bits out of his contact lens. He pulls the conversion wide anyway.

The Warriors are good value for their lead, having visited the Gloucester 22 I think 3 times. Gloucester have won it back following the restart though. Oh, Scott's almost through, but the pass just grazes his hands wrong and bounces forward! Close. Not convinced anyone would've stopped him.

Penalty Gloucester, bang in front inside the 22 as Dowson fails to roll away and gets caught under Morgan and Laidlaw's feet. Speaking of Laidlaw's feet, 50% of them pop the kick over to put the visitors back in front.

Tit for tat with penalties in the 22, as Gloucester go off their feet and give Worcester a chance to do something. The wide angle not to Lamb's liking, they choose to stick it in the corner.

Oh, that's poor from James Johnston, going into his own man in the maul and giving up the scrum for accidental offside. Good position wasted.

A lot of discussion about the scrum. O'Callaghan tells Annett, his own hooker, to shut up. Annett turns round like he's about to start something, then doesn't, realising he's risking getting a digit somewhere uncomfortable when they eventually do pack down. Slightly odd moment.

TRY WORCESTER! Hint of one forward pass but every other one was a cracker. Superb stuff.

Oh, hold up, we're checking it. Big screen still not working, so it's down to the TMO to check this. We've got an angle that makes it look a mile forward, but Vuna's body position is raising some questions...

"Inconclusive". TRY GIVEN! And Lamb puts over an absolute peach of a conversion from the right touchline!

About 8 minutes left in the half, and Worcester are squeezing maximum value out of this one. Gloucester have looked slick and assured for large passages, but haven't taken advantage. The hosts are gradually wrestling control of this one.