Worcester Warriors


Rugby U


And indeed the hosts are coming forward again! Loose ball regathered with a superstar dive to the floor by O'Callaghan. Those small margins will be the difference, especially as the ball's going loose about three times per attack so far.

Man down, time off. Think it's Moriarty. Replay shows thim bringing down Hammond on top of himself in the tackle, and thus eating an elbow to the head with Hammond's full weight behind it. Completely unavoidable, still unpleasant.

Moriarty's up and off the pitch under his own power for the head injury assessment. Jacob Rowan replaces him. A defensive scrum just outside the 22 will be his first assignment.

CLOSE! Worcester come away from that scrum with the exact same pace and passing as the last try, and penalty advantage to boot. Hammond's kick through is covered by Gloucester, so we'll go back for the penalty, which Lamb's lining up for the shot at goal.

Lamb nails it. Gloucester slip out of bonus point territory. Worcester are looking more assured by the minute.

Oh man. Purdy slips a blitz tackle to give Gloucester a HUGE overlap near halfway, but Twelvetrees drops the pass. That could've turned the game.

Penalty Gloucester from the scrum, though! Laidlaw taps it but is too far from the mark. Burns takes the territory instead.

INTERCEPTION... almost. Gloucester move with scary speed from the lineout, but Laidlaw throws a pass right into Ryan Lamb's chest. Didn't see him at ALL. It bounces forwards. If Lamb had taken that a milisecond later, Worcester might be in touching distance of a try bonus point.

Gloucester coming forwards with the clock red... but it's a Worcester penalty! The hosts kick it off to take us to the break.

Well well well. Not the score anyone was expecting even after Worcester's excellent first try. Gloucester have had chances and have utterly failed to take advantage of them. Worcester have made chances from nothing and have capitalised masterfully.