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Not the best penalty from Lamb, swinging in wide to hit the right post. Worcester charge down Burns' clearance from behind his own try line, which... means it's a scrum 5 Worcester? Because it was passed back, apparently. Several of the players, most of the commentators, and your humble text updater are all a bit baffled that that's apparently the rule.

It comes to nothing, though – Worcester's scrum goes down, and Burns hoofs the resulting penalty clear.

Ooh, Gloucester aren't as clear as I first thought, actually. They're now having to play it out of their own half... and they've failed! Worcester dump them into touch and are right back on them. They knock it on, though. Things just fizzling out before they get started at the moment, but you get the feeling the next big swing in momentum will be critical.

Tell you what, if Worcester take this, Val Rapava Ruskin is nailed on for Man of the Match. The big loosehead is EVERYWHERE, and his pressure in defence here has allowed his side to force Gloucester off the pitch again.

Oh, some GORGEOUS one-two passing between Annett and O'Callaghan from the lineout. Worcester look like they've broken through, but it's brough back because there's another head injury.

Ooh, could be more to this too! Faosiliva has raised an arm up while carrying the ball, and has clocked Galarza straight in the jaw with his elbow. He's clearly seeking to protect himself, but has he stepped over the line here?

Referee Luke Pearce is doing exceptionally well without a big screen to look at (which surely needs to be investigated post-match, because it could be changing the game here). He's going over every little detail with his TMO. And it's a proper borderline call. Faosiliva almost certainly knew what he was doing there, but is it instinctual or calculated? And does it matter?

Galarza applauded off. Decision coming.


Phil Dowson looked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Faosiliva looks like he's not sure where he is. Absolutely massive decision.