Worcester Warriors


Rugby U


The massive Christian Scotland-Williamson is on into Worcester's second row, among a bunch of other replacements.

Worcester are a bit lucky to regather a rotten up-and-under from Heathcote, but Gloucester turn it a few phases later, and a kick through forces Humphreys to shepherd it into touch. Danger here for the hosts.

Worcester hold out until they win a penalty to clear it. This is undeniably huge heart from the Warriors, but Gloucester still need to answer some serious questions about their conversion of opportunities into points.

Risky business from Worcester, going through the phases in their own half, but they've been squeaky-clean at the breakdown and are gradually working their way forwards. And then they kick it away. Slightly odd. Oh, and Marshall's taken FULL advantage, his kick riding the wind and sailing down to the Worcester 22. Outstanding.

Gloucester nick the lineout too! Two minutes left, what can they make of it?

OH SO CLOSE! Kvesic needed to offload and Gloucester would've been over! Some excellent disruption at the breakdown from Worcester, but Gloucester still have it!

1 minute left. MORGAN ALMOST LOOSE! Gloucester still coming!

30 seconds... PENALTY WORCESTER!

They're by their own try line, but have been told they can kick to touch and have the lineout...

...but they choose to take the draw. WHAT a game. Friday night delivers again.