World Darts Championship (Night 3)



Ryder wins his second leg of the match, and VVDV is on throw for the match in leg four set three.

VVDV beats Ryder on tops to make it 3-1 in legs and 3-0 in sets! Voort has never lost in round one and marches on! #WHDARTS

Taylor is up next.

Taylor is 25/1 ON with new darts!

Taylor is just 2/9 for 3-0 at Hills

Ono throws first - GAME ON

Phil breaks throw in 15 darts on tops to take an early lead

Ono gets a chance to break back and misses tops. Phil is unable to take 97 and Ono buckles D10. Phil returns for 2-0.

Ono wins the third leg to spark some confidence. Taylor still in command in set one leading 2-1

Taylor wins the first set and do not see anything but a 3-0 whitewash now.


Admittedly we said that about MvG last night