Paralympics: Day Four



Hello hello, a busy day of sporting action as ever on a summery Sunday. Shall we throw some Paralympics into the mix? Go on then. I'm Andrew Corcoran. First things first, you need an update on the variety of medals already won today in Rio by ParalympicsGB. It's quite the roll call.

1:55pm: GOLD MEDAL for Rachel Morris in the Women's Arms Only Single Sculls Rowing 2:15pm: BRONZE MEDAL for Tom Aggar in the Men's Arms Only Single Sculls Rowing 2:35pm: GOLD MEDAL for Laurence Whiteley & Lauren Rowles in the Mixed Trunk & Arms Double Sculls Rowing 2:50pm: GOLD MEDAL for Grace Clough, Dan Brown, James Fox, Pamela Ralph & Oliver James in the Mixed Coxed Four Rowing

3:10pm: SILVER MEDAL for Lauren Steadman in the Women's Triathlon PT4 4:05pm: SILVER MEDAL for Neil Fachie & Pete Mitchell in the Tandem B 1000m Time Trial Cycling 4:15pm: BRONZE MEDAL for Sophie Thornhill & Helen Scott in the Tandem B 3000m Pursuit Cycling 4:25pm: GOLD MEDAL for Lora Turnham & Corrine Hall in the Tandem B 3000m Pursuit Cycling

4:50pm: SILVER MEDAL for Alison Patrick & Hazel Smith in the Triathlon PT5 4:50pm: BRONZE MEDAL for Melissa Reid in the Triathlon PT5 4:55pm: GOLD MEDAL for Louis Rolfe, Jon-Allan Butterworth & Jody Cundy in the Mixed C1-5 Team Sprint Cycling So - phew! - yeah, that's all you've missed so far today.

That's it from me. I think I've managed to find the only 2-hour period today where ParalympicsGB HAVEN'T won any medals! A reminder that they have chalked up a ridiculous ELEVEN so far today, including four golds, across cycling, rowing & triathlon. I'm sure there are loads more to come tonight. For now, I've been Andrew Corcoran. See ya!