Cincinnati Bengals

New York Jets



Pass intercepted! Josh Shaw with the pick! Bengals will win this game. :40 to play.


Less than a hour from kickoff in East Rutherford. The Bengals hope to bounce back from last year's improbable playoff exit, while the Jets hope to improve from last year's season with Ryan Fitzpatrick, to get over the hump and back in the playoffs.

The Jets and Bengals will be playing on the 15th anniversary of one of the saddest days in American history, the September 11th attacks on New York and Washington, where two planes hit the World Trade Centre in a terrorist attack, and the Pentagon was also hit. Over 3,000 were killed in the WTC alone. The Jets will be remembering those victims today pregame.

I am @Sctvman and I will be providing coverage of Bengals/Jets. Nathan Waywell will have RedZone coverage, Stephen Clark Vikings/Titans, and Rob Sutton will cover Raiders/Saints. You will be well-covered today.

Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson will call the game on CBS in the United States. The game is not on TV in the UK, so follow here.

9/11 ceremonies are starting soon in East Rutherford.

Kickoff a few minutes away, and we are going First on the Field.

It's the battle of two of the best QBs in the AFC, with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andy Dalton.

Cincinnati coming off last year's 12-4 season, Jets were 10-6, didn't make playoffs.

Andy Dalton has 50 wins in his first 5 years.

Jets are opening up the season at home for the 7th straight season.