Minnesota Vikings

Tennessee Titans



Good Evening Everyone and welcome to another season of Titan Football. After two years of absolute drivel and just five wins, the feelings are that things might just be turning round this year.

I went all a bit New Labour there!! ANyway it doesn't take Professor Brian Cox to tell you that this season that Tennessee are going to run the ball. A lot. Newly acquired running back DeMarco Murray and Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry at running back is a pretty potent rushing attack.

Not many teams have ever been able to draft the Heisman Trophy winner two seasons in succession and second year Quarterback Marcus Mariota will be looking to build on a fairly solid rookie season and lead the Titans to at least challenge in the weakest division in the NFL.

For Minnesota, the loss of Teddy Bridgewater to an ACL injury in pre-season was a massive blow and they will have to reassess their game plan moving into this Week One fixture.

Kick off is a few minutes away, just waiting for CBS to start the action and as it is being streamed we may be a little behind the real life action, but hopefully not by too much.

This of course is a dedicated feed for this game but over on http://www.bytheminute.co/live we also have coverage of the Bengals v Jets, Raiders v Saints and also the Red Zone coverage so that is the place to be to stay abreast of everything in the NFL this afternoon...as well as the MLB and the Paralympics, all in one handy place.

We have President Obama making a speech on this day which resonates so much.

After a moments silence its Billy Ray Cyrus to sing the National Anthem. A huge fan of the Titans as those of you who have ever had to watch Hannah Montana will testify!!

My bad. Its Fox coverage today with the Vikings being the away side and them having the NFC contract

Vikings kick off and Marc Mariani returns for the Titans beyond the 25 yard line and we are underway!!