NFL Sunday: RedZone Score Flash



Chargers 27-33 Chiefs Final Raiders 35-34 Saints Final Bucs 31-24 Falcons Final Bills 7-13 Ravens Final Bears 14-23 Texans Final Packers 27-23 Jaguars Final Bengals 23-22 Jets Final Browns 10-29 Eagles Final Vikings 25-16 Vikings Final


NFL Sundays are back! And don't miss a touchdown here with our coverage! I'm Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711) and I cannot wait for this!

And we are off in most of the games!

We are now seeing Carson Wentz make his first play as an NFL player. He was the second overall pick in this years draft... And he hands it to Matthews who runs 6 yards.

Brock Osweiler with his first pass for the Texans... And it is intercepted!

Packers have now made an interception of their own. Rodgers now comes onto the gridiron... He was my first pick in fantasy football... C'MON AARON!

We have our first points of today! Oakland get the field goal against the Saints!

Touchdown Philadelphia! They lead the Browns!

Paul Chapman

he's only Wentz and done it....

The Chiefs get 3 points on the board against the Chargers... Buccaneers get 3 points of their own against the Falcons.

Packers and Jets currently in the redzone...

Touchdown Green Bay! Rodgers rushing TD! COME ON!!!