Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants



Well, these early games have certainly been interesting. Overtime in Kansas City and now a rookie kicker trying for a 61 yard field goal to win the game for New Orleans

Cowboys and Giants hasn't started yet......Holy sheeeeeeeeeet, he did not miss that by much......just shaved the post. Raiders win.

Ok, first play in Dallas......Ezekial Elliot takes the hand off for 1 yard.

2nd & 9 from the 26 - Prescott has his 1st completion....dodges the blitzer and there's Dez Bryant for 8

3rd & inches - hand off to Elliot, gets the 1st and then gets knocked on his back

1st &10 - 37 - Prescott to Witten - off the play action. over mid field

1st & 10 - handoff to Elliot. He rumbles to the right for 5.

2nd & 5 - another had off to Elliot, he goes left but the Giants are waiting - no gain

3rd & 5 - Presoctt with time, hits Cole Beasley over the middle for another first down.

1st & 10 - NYG 34 - Prescott to the left to Beasley, about a half yard short of another 1st down.