Dean comeback. Bulldog, then a cradle for 2.

AJ back in it. Hits Tye Dillingers tyebreaker for 2. Tye would have finished it off with that.

Styles with a torture rack into a spinning powerbomb for 2.

Springboard 450 by AJ for 2.

They show the replay, and AJ landed with a knee on Dean's chest. That will suck.

Dean answers with some muay thai knees. Some light boos actually. Then Dean with a missile dropkick to AJ who was hung up in the ropes and AJ splats on the floor. Dean with a dive when sends AJ crashing over the announce table. Big cheer for Dean, but those boos earlier surprised me. AJ thrown over the barricade into the crowd.

Dean up on the table. Rums and hits a double axe handle into the crowd!

Dean is fired up. As is the crowd. Chanting "this is awesome" and as they get it, Dean eats a Pele kick, and then a clothesline in reply from Dean.

Dean goes for Dirty Deeds. We get a ref bump, and the crowd dies. AJ with a low blow. Styles Clash!

Ref is back and AJ STYLES WINS!