We're kicking off the show with the Women's Six Pack Challenge. Becky Lynch out first. We've got Carmella, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Naomi and Nikki Bella to come.

Shane did say it's an elimination match, so that's something at least. Naomi out. She has remixed the worst theme song in ages and somehow made it worse. That takes some talent right?

Alexa Bliss has come out all Harley Quinn. Oh my.

Carmella turned heel on Nikki Bella on Smackdown recently. And I suppose we're supposed to feel sympathy for Nikki, who everyone hates. Fair enough. To be fair, Carmella is easy to hate on the main roster.

Smackdown women's title is pretty sweet to be honest. It's funny how they've taken the same concept for four different belts. Three of them look great, but the Universal Title sucks. Weird. Bell rings. We're on.

Becky and Naomi do spots. Becky bridges out of a pin. Nice. I never ever thought I'd say this about a female, but Becky looks so much better now that she's dropped the corset attire. Much better ring gear. Carmella in tries to eliminate Becky with a hurricanrana but 2 count. Nikki and Carmella stare off, but Alexa and Nattie jump them from behind.


Getting a few early near falls here, which is surprising considering there's gonna be five eliminations.

Hopefully that means the girls are getting time, so that's a positive.

Nattie with a release German suplex on Becky. Naomi standing hurricanrana and then a Bubba bomb essentially on Nattie.