Carmella with a nice superkick on Naomi. She poses. Nikki spears her and the brawl is on. Carmella with a reverse triangle, but Nikki powers out into an Alabama slam. Carmella kicks out in a pretty good near fall.

Nikki goes for a superplex. Nattie comes for the stacked up powerbomb spot. Carmella and Nikki go flying. This is actually pretty good so far.

All three girls are down. Alexa comes in. Tries to pin them all but 2 counts. Alexa throws a fit and launches them all outside. Becky back in going for the disarmer, but Bliss reverses, and hits a sunset flip for another near fall. Alexa frustrated. Really good stuff.

Four girls outside. Nikki goes for a dive. Carmella cuts her off and throws her out. Naomi in and dumps Carmella, then a springboard splash on the pile.

I was genuinely starting to wonder with all the near falls if Shane screwed up and it was one fall. Mauro just confirmed it's elimination rules. Nattie gets Alexa up in a power bomb position, and Naomi off the top with a blockbuster and pins Alexa. Nattie held onto Alexa a little too long and it almost went wrong, but it looked cool. ALEXA BLISS ELIMINATED.

Naomi with another springboard, into a Nikki Bella forearm. Nattie cuts her off just to be a heel. Puts Naomi in the sharpshooter. Tapout. NAOMI ELIMINATED. Down to 4.

Carmella deposits Becky into the stairs. Nattie and Carmella tease an alliance on Nikki, but Nattie cheap shots her, and hits that weird new move to pin her. NATALYA ELIMINATED.

Carmella rolls up Nikki for the pin!! NIKKI BELLA ELIMINATED!!

Nikki lays out Carmella because she's hateable and shouldn't be a babyface. Becky vs Carmella for the title now.

Carmella having a flip out about Nikki's attack. Becky Lynch with three exploders. Goes for... something and runs into a superkick. Carmella is quite an annoying heel. She's doing a good job.