Becky Lynch rolls her into the disarmer and taps her out. Becky is the champion!

Becky Lynch is the first ever Smackdown Women's Champion. She does a good job of getting all emotional. All about the Irish!

Some generic interview girl is in to interview Becky. She's kinda speechless. The crowd are well excited. Becky says it's been years, tears, struggles and thanks the fans for believing in her. Thanks them for all the support. Calls herself Becky Balboa which is a bit cringy, but overall a good promo. Good match. Good promo. Good stuff!

Miz knocks on the door of someone called Jagger Eaton. Don't know who he is. I think he's 12. He's apparently the Miz's guest. He says the Miz was amazing in the Marine. He invites Miz on some Nickelodeon show. Unless he can get John Cena. He slams the door in Miz's face. This was weird.

We see Bray beating the ever loving shit out of Randy Orton backstage. So I guess that's the angle.

Here come the Usos. They've finally turned heel. I've been asking for it for years. But they're facing the Hype Bros, so as far as I'm concerned, they're the biggest babyfaces in WWE history tonight.

Winner of this match faces Heath Slater and Rhyno for the new Smackdown tag titles. Again, it's the same design as the Raw tag belts. Weirdly, I've always hated the tag team title belts, but these ones with the blue strap and the silver centre is excellent. Weird.

Here come the Hype Bros. So much hate.

Genuinely can't believe this act is on PPV. Should be a jobber team on NXT.

Bell goes. An Uso will start with Mojo fucking Rawley.