Ryder tags in, and the Usos start working him over, but Ryder turns the tide and starts unloading with forearms. Goes for the Broski boot. Usos escape, but eat a double baseball slide.

Both Usos down, and Mojo appears from nowhere with a double shoulder tackle. It wasn't bad, so it's automatically the best thing Mojo has ever done.

Back inside, but Zack gets deposited out the ring in an awkward way where he nearly landed on his head. Guess this is the heat coming. Are you all excited for the Mojo Rawley hot tag?

I like heel Usos, and I really like the Smackdown hard camera that's really close. It's been a really good addition.

Zack goes for the hot tag, but Mojo gets dropkicked by an Uso. Mojo does that 90s thing where he distracts the ref for ages so the Usos double team Zack forever.

Zack takes three days to get the hot tag. Mojo comes in and does the usual power hot tag. It's not as bad as usual to be honest. He tags in Zack, who was dead 30 seconds ago. They go for the Hype Ryder but get cut off.

Ryder with a frankensteiner from the top. Jimmy Uso breaks up the pin. It's Zack and Jey in the ring. Mojo gets posted and Zack gets chop blocked. They start attacking the leg. Zack taps out to a modified half boston crab. Right team won.

Usos need to change their music. Their music is still a little too cheery.

Usos will be back later to face Heath Slater and Rhyno, who are about to be interviewed. Great men. Heath has a free agent t-shirt. Rhyno has a Vote For Rhyno t-shirt. He's standing for congress or something. I can't remember exactly. Unfortunately it's as a Republican. No-one is perfect. Heath starts complaining about his bowel movements as he's nervous. Rhyno reminds him they're still live.

Heath gets hyped up and then runs off holding his ass. Rhyno looks forward to chatting to Renee, who then buggers off herself. I love this act, but that was a little lame.