The storyline is that Ziggler was a loser. Then he fought for the World title and lost easily and convincingly. Now he fights for the IC title and lost, albeit through nefarious means. How does this get him over as a babyface. He's got to turn.

Bray Wyatt's music interrupts everything and he heads to the ring for his not match with Randy Orton.

Bray Wyatt asks for the bell to ring and the 10 count to count out Randy Orton like he's Eric Bischoff at Slamboree. He gets the 10 count and Bray Wyatt wins. Would have been better with Michael Buffer.

Ring announcer says "however, Bray Wyatt will be competing in a no holds barred match against this man...." And it's.... Kane. Who the hell could care? JBL says this is huge. He's lying.

I genuinely started to buzz as my brain wondered if it was Luke Harper and that would be awesome. But no, it's Bray Wyatt vs Kane.

Kane throws Bray over the barricade and then takes apart the announce table. Wyatt hits him with the ring bell.

Bray starts hitting Kane with a chair. He goes for a slam on the chair, but Kane DDT's Bray on it instead. No-one cares.

They go outside. Kane teases a chokeslam on the table, but Bray blocks it, and Bray hits a pretty sweet clothesline.

Bray takes apart a different table. Why? There was a perfectly good one already prepped.

He then lays Kane down on the previously prepped table, and climbs on the other. OK it makes sense. Bray does the worst Randy Orton pose ever, but then a sweet senton onto Kane through the table.