Paralympics: Late Night



That's it from me tonight as Channel 4 also shut up shop for the night. I'll leave you with one final glance of the medal table at the end of Day 5. I've been Andrew Corcoran, back later today for the start of Day 6. See you then!

The wheelchair tennis women's doubles semifinal we glimpsed earlier has ended, and Lucy Shuker & Jordanne Whiley have been beaten by Jiske Griffeon and Aniek van Koot of the Netherlands. The Dutch pair won in straight sets, 6-3 6-3.

She still looks pretty baffled that this gold medal is hers, even as it is hung around her neck. Susie's mother watches on, prouder than a proud thing, from the stands. Susie loud and proud with the anthem as it rings around the aquatics stadium.

Now it's Susie Rodgers' medal ceremony.

New Zealand sensation Liam Malone wins the T44 200m final in a new Paralympic Record - a time of 20.06. "I'm so stoked. It's a real honour. I did this for all the New Zealanders who backed me from Day 1 with the crowdfunding campaign for my blades. To run faster than Pistorius is a big achievement. All I do is train; run around in circles and read books."

Well, I say no tears, but as Ellie heads up to see her family in the stands she completely - and rightly - loses it as she finally gets to celebrate with them. The raw montage of those three gold medal races for ParalympicsGB that Channel 4 has just shown is spine tingling.

A broad smile throughout from Ellie Simmonds and a fine rendition of the anthem. No tears, for once!

Now we have Ellie Simmonds' medal ceremony.

Quick live shot of the wheelchair tennis. It's Lucy Shuker & Jordanne Whiley of GBR up against the Dutch pairing of Jiske Griffeon and Aniek van Koot. The Dutch took the 1st set 6-3 of their semifinal and are a break up in the 2nd set. Hopefully Lucy & Jo can fight back!

Daniel Dias, as expected, wins the gold medal for Brazil, sending the home crowd into an absolute FRENZY. 32.78 seconds is his time. Andrew Mullen swam 34.87, finishing in 5th.