Paralympics: Day Six



Fencing update: Gemma Collis has won 2 and lost 2 bouts with one left in Pool B. Dressage update: Natasha Baker is top of the leaderboard as it stands, scoring 71.882 on Cabral.

That's my time pretty much up, I'm afraid! Enjoy the rest of the Paralympic day and I'll be back with more updates tomorrow. Andrew Corcoran signing off.

Hello all! I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) right here with 2 hours of paralympic action. First main British event is at 9:40pm with the battle of the Ellies (Simmonds and Robinson).

Earlier today a little while after Corcoran signed off, Hollie Arnold in the F45/F46 Women's Javelin Throw, dominated with her 1st throw of 41.1, she got silver, then needed a final throw to get gold, she threw amazingly big! A world record 43.01! That was Gold!

Rob Davies got Gold in the Men's Singles Class 1 Table tennis after winning the gold medal match 3 sets to 1. He beat Joo of South Korea

Currently Channel 4 is just showing build up.

Current Medal Table: China 57 Gold GB 31 Ukraine 23 USA 18 Brazil 10 Australia 7, 14 Silver Netherlands 7, 8 New Zealand 7, 4 Uzbekistan 6, 4 Nigeria 6, 2

Man, that's a lot of names, what has Adam Hills gotten himself into?

Now, the Women's S6 400m Freestyle, A.K.A for us Brits, Ellie v Ellie Name Lane (Nation) Trejo Delgadillo 1 (Mexico) Savtsova 2 (Ukraine) Simmonds 3 (GB) Mereshko 4 (Ukraine) Song 5 (China) Robinson 6 (GB) Turner 7 (Ireland) Romano 8 (Italy) is the lineup

Channel 4 recapping yesterday Night. You can see Corcoran's report on that here: