Paralympics: Day Six



The Swimmers now coming out to the pool.

Now, can anyone beat Mereskho, or her World Record? Which Ellie will win? On the starting blocks. GO! All start, Meresko and Song start of very strong and lead with the first 50m The Ellie's are doing good. 5 up front, others dropped off, both Ellie's, the Ukrainians and Song. But Mereskho is getting away, halfway now.

Savtsova dropping off, Mereshko on World record pace and getting away. The Ellies v Song for Silver, Mereshko way ahead. Mereshko Song +3.7 Simmonds +6 at 300m

Robinson will get 4th, Simmonds pushing for 2nd! Mereshko no longer on World Record Pace, 5:17.01, Paralympic Record! Song Silver, Simmonds wins the battle against Robinson but gets only Bronze.

In the Fencing, Gilliver of GB v Sun of China in the Men's Individual Epee Gold Medal Bout. A Yellow card to Sun But it's 11-7 to Sun.

Gilliver gets 4 points in a row! But then Sun gets 3 points. Another 2 to Gilliver, Song gets it! 15-13! China Gold! Gilliver Silver.

Now to the athletics. 10 minutes till the what would be Jade Jones, T53/54 Women's 1500m, but she didn't qualify. But still, an exciting race, here's the startlist Schaer (Switzerland) McClammer (USA) Roy (Canada) de Rozario (Australia) Wallengren (Sweden) McGrory (USA) Dawes (New Zealand) McFadden (USA) Rocha (Brazil) Ma (China)

Here we go, On your marks, Get Set... GO! McFadden Getting away! Ma leading the rest of the athletes. But McFadden is caught in good time. All the USA Riders up front. Ma in 4th ready to pounce on the USA 1,2,3, The US Riders Single File. Last Lap! Schaer trying to pounce but USA 1-2-3 to fast! McFadden Wins GOLD! McGrory Silver! McClammer Bronze. Ma gets a Asian record in 7th.

Same event now, but with MEN! Liu of China Hug of Switzerland Hong of South Korea Balde of Germany Wahoram of Thailand Higuchi of Japan WEIR of GB! Konjen of Thailand Fearnley of Australia Tana of Thailand

GO! Hug leads the pack, Liu and Fearnley also there. Higuchi Takes the lead and is attempting an attack! 2 Thai athletes leading the Pack, Higuchi caught! Hiu and Hug take the lead! Wahoram now takes the bell in the lead! Weir attacks!! Wahoram holds him off and Wins! GOLD FOR THE THAI WAHORAM! Silver for Hug of Switzerland! Konjen of Thailand Bronze. Weir in 4th