Champions League GOALFLASH!



RESULTS GROUP A Basel 1-1 Ludogorets PSG 1-1 Arsenal GROUP B Benfica 1-1 Besiktas Dynamo Kiev 1-2 Napoli GROUP C Barcelona 7-0 Celtic Man City P-P Monchengladbach GROUP D Bayern Munich 5-0 FC Rostov PSV 0-1 Atletico Madrid


GOOD EVENING!!! Welcome to the GOALFLASH service for the Champions League where our aim is simple. To bring you all the goal updates as the ball hits the back of the net. May even chuck a few videos in for good measure too. Because we're kind. Stroke copyright rebels. CUE THE MUSIC!

One game has already finished today. One that didn't even start. Man City vs Monchengladbach called off because of the weather. Pfffft. GET ON WITH IT!!

PEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! Kick off across Europe. Stay tuned for live goal updates, live goal videos and live goal celebrations. Shirts over the head and all!

GOAL: PSG 1-0 Arsenal (Cavani) Dreadful start for the Gunners. Header from Cavani from 6 yards. Unmarked. Eek! Wegner looks on thinking "I didn't see it. It doesn't count". It does. 1-0 PSG!

GOAL: Barcelona 1-0 Celtic (Messi) The best team in Scotland by a mile. Ripped apart within 5 minutes in Barcelona. LOADS of room. Easy finish. Christ. And that's with 5 defenders on the pitch...

GOAL: Benfica 1-0 Besiktas (Cervi) The easiest finish of the night, so far, here. Decent hit from inside the box which was going MILES WIDE of the mark. Tucked in by Cervi. Never heard of him. Meh.

PENALTY! TO CELTIC!! Dembele played through on goal. Goes round the keeper. Wiped right out. STONEWALLER! Up steps Dembele...SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOAL: Dynamo Kiev 1-0 Napoli (Harmash) It's been coming. Super turn. Cracking finish. Lovely goal. 1-0 Kiev. Finally Reina is beaten.

GOAL: Bayern Munich 1-0 FC Rostov (Lewandowski pen) A penalty for the German from a corner. Tugging in the box. Spot kick given. Lewandowski steps up. Sends keeper the wrong way.