Paralympics: Late Night



Hello everybody I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) here with the Paralympics. Lots of Golds for GB so far today. Chippington, Wiggs and Dickins All won Gold in the Canoe Sprint, 200m that is. Wiggs won by miles while Dickins and Chippington only just got gold at the end. Chippington was in discipline KL1, Wiggs in KL2, Dickins in KL3

Natasha Baker got Gold in the Equestrian Dressage, Grade II Individual Test. I'm with you until 11pm so we have some good things coming up. Reid and Hewett in the Wheelchair Tennis soon. Swimming and Athletics gallor between 9:30pm and 10:40pm including Jade Jones (Did Not Qualify), Ellie Simmonds and Richard Whitehead

One thing that happened earlier today was Weir and Chiassaro in the T54 800m where Weir announced he would not be riding in the IPC World Championship. Weir got 6th place and he was massively disappointed and sad, Hug of Switzerland (The Silver Bullet) Got his first ever Paralympic Gold.

Christiansen Has just got GOLD for GB with Dunham also getting Silver for GB in the Grade 1a Equestrian Individual Championship Test.

The Reid and Hewett v Houdet and Peifer of France Match is underway!

Now the lineup for the Women's 100m Butterfly S9 that starts at 9:36 Scott Australia Konkoly Hungary Smith USA Xu China Cashmore GB Gascon Spain Keane IRELAND Beecroft Australia

In the Equestrian Team Mixed Dressage Team GB get GOLD!

In the Swimming the Athletes are coming out to the pool.

Wait, these are the MEN? We must be far behind schedule.

While in the Athletics the Women's F40/41 Discus Throw is underway with Brit Holly Neill.